British Made High Quality High Efficiency Products
From our state of the art factory in South Wales we produce an extensive range of products combining innovative industrial design
with unrivalled performance. Our radiators are made from British steel and we manufacture all our panel AND almost all our designer
radiators here in the UK.

Market Leading Manufacturing Processes
At 110,000 square meters, our plant is the largest in the world and the fully automated production lines ensure that high quality
radiators can be ef¾ciently produced to the most exact standards time after time. This sentiment is echoed throughout the company
and it's this commitment to quality and efficiency that has led to us becoming the first UK radiator manufacturer to achieve BS EN ,SO
9001:2000 accreditation for quality management. Manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 442 every radiator has world
class standards of quality, reliability and finish and comes backed with a ten year warranty.

Environmentally-focussed Manufacturing
We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of heating a space by continually improving ef¾ciency in both our
manufacturing process and products. Every Barlo radiator achieves a high yield in heat emission and is equipped with the boost
convection system which results in faster heating of the same space with a smaller radiator, saving on energy


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