Monarch Water offers the UK’s market a leading range of water softeners, water filters and purifiers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, taps and calcium filters that successfully prevent the effects of hard water and build-up of limescale.


Monarch have developed a range of products to meet the varying needs of their customers. So whether you need an automatic softener (electric or non-electric), Scaleout XP, an advanced scale prevention system, for where you can?t have one of their ?five star? quality softeners or a filter to help polish your potable water, they?ve got it covered!

Monarch Water also supplies one of the UK?s leading range of high quality tablet, granular and block salts for our range of electric and non-electric softeners.

  • Protects your whole home
  • Saves money and energy due to the prevention and removal of limescale
  • Protects your white goods, showers, water heating systems from damaging effects of limescale
  • Removes & prevents limescale to make surfaces and equipment more hygienic
  • Market leading parts and labour guarantees ? Ultimate range offers 7 year parts and 2 year ?at home? labour

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