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RM Cylinders Standard Copper Cylinder

RM Cylinders manufacture a range of products for many different applications. These products can be broken down into the following key areas.

Traditionally manufactured in copper, RM Cylinders leads the way in producing custom made units. Due to the rising costs of copper RM Cylinders are proud to announce their Aquastel cylinders, direct replacements for traditional units but manufactured from stainless steel.

RM Cylinders prides itself on the quality of its unvented cylinder range the Stelflow. Manufactered from high quality Duplex stainless steel, and using quality components the Stelflow is the only choice for those looking to upgrade or replace their existing hot water cylinder.

The Homeflow range has been carefully developed to give the house builder quality and choice without compromising on the SAP credentials. The units are designed to meet the strict needs of modern house types and can even be pre-plumbed to offer quick and easy installation across a site.

RM Cylinders Standard Copper Cylinder
RM Cylinders Standard Copper Cylinder

Traditional copper cylinders manufactured to the latest in Part L specification to ensure you get a quality product. Produced to specification you are in full control of the cylinder you install.

RM Cylinders prides itself in its flexibility and service, while manufacturing all the industry standard we also excel in producing specially designed units to suit a customers requirements.

Cylinders can also be made in various grades to take into account differing working heads, link this to the varying diameters, 300mm through to 800mm, which gives you an overwhelming choice of units.

The following can be used as a rough guide for approximate water demand.

  • Standard Bath?——- 60 Litres
  • Corner Bath?——- 120 Litres
  • Gravity Shower?——- 30 Litres
  • Power Shower?——- 60 Litres
  • Wash Basins?——- 5 Litres
  • Kitchen Sink?——- 15 Litres

When using gas or oil boilers high recovery cylinders can be used to achieve quicker reheat times there by reducing the amount of water that needs to be stored.

Economy 7 heaters utilise off peak electricity by heating the entire cylinder during the night, this reduces the need to operate the immersion heaters during the day to top up the hot water store. This style of cylinder is recomended for most all electric systems.

Information provided by RM Cylinders ?is provided as general information for domestic dwellings and is not a substitution for specialist help. If you are any any doubt always feel free to contact us.

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