Viessmanns VITODENS 100

Viessmann heating solutions simplify a complex world.
Viessmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of efficient, reliable and affordable heating and solar products. Our innovative solutions are simple to install, service and use. Viessmann offers a comprehensive range of German-engineered products, from oil and gas-fired boilers to biomass, solar thermal, hot water heating and more for applications in residential, multi-family, commercial, light industrial, schools, universities, hospitals, municipalities and government buildings.

Viessmanns VITODENS 100
Viessmanns VITODENS 100

With it?s compact dimensions, low weight and quiet operation, the Vitodens 100-W will integrate effortlessly into any living space.

Take advantage of these benefits

  • SEDBUK 2009 seasonal efficiency 89.5%
  • Ideal as a replacement for older appliances due to low installed height and installation space for adaptation to existing systems
  • Low operating noise through extended modulation ratio: up to 1:6
  • Modulating stainless steel cylinder burner
  • User friendly control via backlit LCD touchscreen (option for control via room thermostats)
  • Straightforward access from the front, so no need to leave space at side for maintenance
  • Also approved for multiple connections to stacks in multi storey buildings
  • Combined PRV and condensate connection, for fast and simple installation

With their compact dimensions, low weight and quiet operation, the attractively priced Vitodens 100-W gas condensing boilers will integrate effortlessly into any living space. The modulating ratio over the entire output range is up to 1:6. This high ratio makes these boilers particularly suitable for use in small apartments and well insulated buildings. The user benefits from fewer appliance start-ups and therefore less operating noise. Because a lower level of stress is placed upon the appliance, the service life of components is consequently extended.

Stainless steel heat exchanger

As is the case with all Viessmann gas condensing boilers,the Vitodens 100-Wis equipped with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers. This technology brings with it an extremely high efficiency rate of 98 percent and exceptionally reliable and efficient operation during its long service life. Viessmann guarantees the Inox-Radial heat exchanger for ten years against leaks resulting from corrosion.

The touchscreen improves user friendliness

The Vitodens 100-W wall mounted gas condensing boilers are controlled by the new, backlit LCD touchscreen, which makes it easy to use and read in dark environments.

Viessmann 4-pipe system

Viessmann Vitodens system boilers up to 35 kW installed together with a Vitocell 200 or 300 unvented cylinder are the perfect combination to meet G3 building regulations without the need for an energy cut-off valve and cylinder overheat thermostat; these are integrated into the boiler. * Viessmann Trained Installers can offer their customers an extended warranty option up to 10 years.

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